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Sometimes I scroll through my likes and judge myself harshly…Because what the fuck was I even doing.

PSA for Cosplayers & Fans

We all know that some people cannot find the line between taking a picture and being inappropriate. I do want to make something clear though. This goes for all people involved, mind you.

Cosplay is not consent to sex


Compliments are not harassment.

I have to say that while at Anime Expo, I saw this a lot. Both things. A guy wearing a sexier cosplay is not him inviting you to grab his ass or feel him up. AS WELL a girl with a camera telling you you’re handsome and wanting to take a picture is NOT sexual harassment.

You, as adults, should know the difference between a compliment on your outfit and a blatant expression of sexual harassment. You should also know that feeling up strangers is FUCKING WRONG.

If you TRULY feel concerned, tell one of the guardians for the convention. They will assist.

DO NOT, however, call anyone who looked at you from down the hall a stalker.

I feel like this should not NEED to be said, but I see both done a LOT and for every few real issues, there is someone who is blowing a request for a hug or a photo into a federal case.

To summarize;

Kill La Kill and Free! cosplayers are not there to be sexually harassed and con-goers who like your cosplay and are respectful enough to ask for a photo are not constantly looking to sexually attack you.

I don’t have many followers, so if you could spread this, and maybe keep the false accusations to a minimum for the betterment of all of the people involved, the community would be better for it.

Can we all just take a moment…

To appreciate Pirate Solimage

Honestly, we don’t do it enough.

Tumblr etiquette question?

Do I reply to stuff I stopped caring about just because it’s new knowledge to someone else?



this is funny
like really, really funny

is it really that funny

Why is this so funny? Lol



this is funny

like really, really funny

is it really that funny

Why is this so funny? Lol


Korean indie brand Cruel Arcadia’s new summer OPs

I don’t crossdress…But damn if I wanna start…

I was literally JUST thinking about this situation.

I was literally JUST thinking about this situation.


The following are the approved anime available for viewing for the Summer of Anime contest and their points values. There are 110 items on this list, so I’m sure you’ll find something to watch…

Series - 4 Points Per 12-13 episode season

  1. Dennou Coil
  2. Mao-yu
  3. The Tatami Galaxy
  4. Martian…
Saying you can’t cosplay because you’re out of canon is stupid. Who among you on this earth can match the hype of Sanada Genjiro Yukimura!? Yeah, so shut up.
My brother, Dale
Gonna rant because I can

So rarely do my ‘friends’ ask me to do anything other than casuals. Because they’re bitches. Recently though, they called me up and asked me to hang out for a BB grind. Now friend 2 was all green for hangouts.. Because he always is, friend 2 however has been whiney for a while now. He’s decided to get serious in the FGC and that means that I, a person who can’t be bothered to pay a grand to lose at evo, can no longer be his buddy.

To step his game up, he opted into a Hori Fighting Edge. Yeah, that 200 dollar stick with the gloss finish. Seems smart, yeah? Except he bought it for 200 dollars second hand, Or at the very least, not from Hori.

Now let me preface this by saying that I am gentle with fight sticks and have never broken one in my existence as a human. I would never be so clunky with someones investment.

Reasonably, I can admit that it doesn’t all add up. Though when I used the stick, it worked. When I placed it on the bed, it was still working, and when I left for the store, it was still working. When I came back though, it was broken. A short in the cable, from the look of the problem.

This is somehow my fault. Conveniently so, yeah? So I am a little bit annoyed, and today is casuals, so I really don’t feel like spending six hours with a person who’d try to pin a 200 loss on someone they still owe more than 200 dollars to.

I feel like I have the right to be a little pissed.